Membership Application

There are five requirements to become a member of Corvettes of Southern California:

  1. Membership applicant must be the registered owner of a Corvette automobile and must have a valid vehicle operator's license.
  2. Membership applicant shall be a minimum of twenty-one(21) years of age (excluding spouse or co-member of a legal-(age applicant).
  3. Membership applicant, as a new member, must pay a membership fee of $35 (for a single member) or $65 (for a couple). In addition, applicant shall pay annual CSC Dues of $55, prorated by month throughout the first year.
  4. CSC carries club liability insurance through J.C. Taylor. New member applicant(s) must pay $20 toward insurance if joining between January 1, through June 30; or $10 toward insurance if joining between July 1 through December 31. Thereafter, the fee per member family (whether single or couple) will be $20 per year payable with annual dues.
  5. New members must attend a board meeting within 90 days of joining date. Failure to do so could result in forfeiture of membership. Board meetings are held monthly except for November and December. October/November joiners must attend the January or February board meeting of the following year.

The new membership package that each new member receives will include the following items: T-shirt, club decal and a name badge for each eligible member plus a copy of the CSC Bylaws.

CSC members receive ongoing, a monthly newsletter containing articles and pictures of recent events and other items of interest.